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Economical Cartridge Size Options

There are usually more economical cartridge size options available with both ink and laser toner printers. So many new printer owners keep buying the small standard cartridge that came with their printer. Check this out before buying your next printer. In the case below the XL has 2.2 times more ink but only costs 50% more than the standard cartridge. Indeed, the XXL has 3.3 times more ink and only costs a few dollars more than the XL

Cartridge Size Options

Cartridge Size Options


How to Buy an INK Printer

How to Buy an Ink Printer

How to Buy an INK Printer – the RIGHT one for your needs. You first need to analyse your usage. Then you need to know two types of ink cartridge systems.

Either the print head is a separate component that takes separate individual ink tank cartridges – one for each colour OR the print head is built into the ink cartridge – the colour ink cartridge usually has three colours in one cartridge and there will be a separate black ink cartridge.

The rule of thumb here is that lack of use can see the print head dry out and become blocked with dry ink.

Low usage users, often find it better to buy an inkjet printer that uses ink cartridges with the print head built-in. If the print head on the cartridge dries out due to lack of use, they simply buy a new ink cartridge and they are back up and printing in no time.

High usage users often find it cheaper to buy an inkjet printer with separate individual ink tank cartridges and separate print head. Then they just buy a new printer when the print head needs to be replaced as it can be expensive to replace the print head after the printer (machine) warranty has expired.

Printer People always say “make an informed decision and do NOT listen to BRAND hype as some sales people in larger electrical stores receive rebates from manufacturers”.