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Genuine Toner Cartridges Vs Compatible

Genuine Toner Cartridges Vs Compatible

False Savings
Whilst there can be substantial savings with generic or compatible toner cartridges, sometimes there can be a false saving. This is common where a printer or multifunction device has a separate drum, that is, not built into the toner cartridge. In the case of many colour printers there is often an imaging belt also. Often compatible toner is made from abrasive substances that scratch the drum and shorten the life of the drum and/or imaging belt.

Technology Advantages
Genuine Toner Cartridges are generally engineered with small, round, polymerised particles, which results in lower fusing temperatures to reduce energy consumption and at the same time produce business quality documents. Quality is particularly noticeable in the case of compatible colour toner cartridges.

Transparency of Costs For Your Business
Total clarity on the Total Cost of Ownership of your devices means you can better manage and control your operating costs. Genuine Toner Cartridge Yields are calculated in accordance to industry testing standards ISO/IEC 19752 and ISO/IEC 19798 which provides your home or business with transparency on running costs and output volumes of the cartridge.