Printer People sells all types of Laser Toner & InkJet Cartridges for Printers, MFCs, Fax Machines and Photocopiers. We sell AFFORDABLE Genuine (OEM) and New QUALITY Compatible (Generic) cartridges. However, not all cartridges are readily available in Compatible as it can depend on patents, availability of components and cost effectiveness. However, we do carry a large range of compatible cartridges for many popular types and brands of machines. AND if we do not have a particular cartridge in stock we can most usually source it overnight.


Printer People tries hard to sell the most economical Printers& Multifunction devices and which are also of good quality and serviceability. We do NOT sell for commissions so we are not biassed with brand names like many large retail chains. For the reasons outlined above about cartridges, anyone buying a printer device should take into account the running costs. If you are mainly printing monochrome (black & white) then you should consider a laser printer as it much cheaper to run than most ink machines. Even colour laser machines are now becoming more affordable.


Media Products. Printer People carries a small range of USB drives, SD cards, SD micro cards and DVD/CD cases. We are only too happy to order any specialised item for you.

Discount Cables. Printer People carries a good range of cables for Audio Visual (AV) and Computers at DISCOUNTED prices. This includes: network cables, USB cables, HDMI cables, sound cables and TC Antenna cables. If you don’t have what you need we can order it in overnight.

Ribbons. Printer People also supplies printer and typewriter ribbons and fax rolls. Whilst we only carry the most popular range, due the huge number of ribbons and rolls available. If we do not have your ribbon or roll in stock, and it is still available, we will get it in or refer you.


Printer People stocks a good range of quality InkJet and Copy paper. From photographic paper of varying qualities, finishes and thicknesses to high resolution paper. Plus we have different types of labels, some with software available. Various brands include Canon and Q-print. We also stock quality Fuji-Xerox copy paper in various grades and colours and we are happy to talk to you about bulk purchases. Come in and tells us your needs. We can even show you print samples or even give you a small sample for you to try out.


Printer People can help you with your office automation needs. Much the same as Printers, the running costs of a fax machine need to be taken into consideration, no matter whether it is a stand alone fax machine or a multi function device (Print/scan/copy/fax). But more importantly, you need to first need to determine whether or not you do more receiving or sending. If you do not receive many faxes, then running costs are almost irrelevant as you will rarely print anything. On the other hand, if you receive a fair amount of faxes then you do need to consider, laser, ink, thermal transfer or thermal rolls. The latter uses photo sensitive paper rolls that quickly fades in time whereas the other three all use plain cut A4 copy paper. The thermal transfer type uses a black carbon roll that transfers the image to plain paper. Laser and ink work the same as printers.