How to Buy a Laser Printer – the RIGHT one for your needs. You first need to analyse your usage. Then you need to know two types of toner cartridge systems.

Either the drum (imaging unit) is built into the toner cartridge OR the drum is a separate component that takes a separate toner cartridge.

Whilst it can be cheaper to a buy toner cartridge for a laser printer with a separate drum, it can be expensive to replace the drum when it comes due, especially if that happens after only a few months. This is where most buyers go wrong as the drum is a consumable like the toner cartridge and not often covered by the printer (machine) warranty.

Higher usage users, often find it better to buy a laser printer that uses a toner cartridge with the drum built-in. These machines can work out cheaper to run in the long term.

Low usage users may find it cheaper to buy a small laser printer with a separate drum and separate toner cartridge and then buy a new printer when the drum needs to be replaced.

Printer People always say “make an informed decision and do NOT listen to BRAND hype as some sales people in larger electrical stores receive rebates from manufacturers”.

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